When I was a child, my family and I lived in the suburbs of San Francisco, California for three years. I loved the huge flea markets held every month at a nearby university. I remember how excited I was whenever I find a treasure among the many vendors selling what looked like junk. I think that is when my love for vintage items started. After working in several interior design stores, I decided to open Pear Tree Market as an online store selling only vintage items, which I had always loved.

The items in the store are mainly vintage jewelry, scarves, bags, and miscellaneous goods made between the 20s and the 80s. The things that have passed through time have a completely different charm from the things that are made today. They come in unusual colorings or unique designs. If the item is faded or a little bit damaged, it only proves that it was loved by someone for a long time. I want to introduce items that make you feel special and bring you smiles just by wearing them. So I hope you enjoy shopping at Pear Tree Market!

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